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Projects are personalized images, movies or 3D animations, custom-built, intended to illustrate, promote or diffuse a theme or a particular product, in the dental field which is our specialty, but also in other areas.

  1.A first contact is made through the "contact" button or by email. The customer explains us his project, its size, duration and type of work who should be done based on a specific product or an original idea.
  2.Based on those information we make a quote and estimate a period for delivery, calculated according to the complexity of the project, the type of work involved and the degree of realism desired.
  3.After quote's and delivery's approval, the customer send us all documents and information concerning the project, such as photos, movies, objects, the product itself, plans, information on characteristics and other essential details about his project. In fact, as much information as possible to reach maximum realism.
  4.After payment, a first preview of the animation is then sent to the customer to evaluate textures, lights and camera movements and choose the best scenes, or make any other comment.
  5.The work is sent to the customer in low resolution, simple and fast rendering, in lower quality just to make a final check, approve or propose some minor changes needed before the final rendering in maximum resolution.
  6.Finally after customer's satisfaction, the final rendering in high definition (HD) is done. The animation on DVD, or in AVI, QuickTime, mp4, Windows Media Video, Flash or FLV, or images in JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP, are shipped to the customer.