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User account

Dentalstrategy allows you to create an account based on your personal information. Creating an account on Dentalstrategy you can shop faster in a modern system. This convenient service saves you time and facilitates the use of our services. It works like this: you create a personal profile by providing your name, surname, email address, your mailing address, city, country, state, phone. Indicates whether to receive promotional e-mail, choose a password and confirm it. The system saves your information. The next time you make a purchase on Dentalstrategy , simply enter your email and password and the system will seek the necessary information. And if you update your identification information at Dentalstrategy, they will be available for all transactions.

User data

Our store has a fully secure system for our customer's data. To register as a customer you must have a valid e-mail and create a password in our system. This password is encrypted in our database, so if you forget it, not even our staff can retrieve it. If you forget your password, click the link to recover password on the login page the system will create a new password and send to your e-mail. The security of your data in our store is fully guaranteed and it falls to you as our customer, providing security of the mailbox e-mail address you use to open your account in our system.


VISITOR CART, every visitor to our shop is given a 'Visitor Cart'. This allows you to store the products you are interested in, in a temporary shopping cart. If the visitor leaves the shop without registering in our system, the contents of the temporary shopping cart disappears. Every member, registered as a client is given a 'Member Cart'. This allows you to put products in your cart and come back later to complete the order. All products associated with the cart will remain until the customer check out, or remove the products themselves. Our system creates a table for each associated client in our database. If a member adds products to his 'Visitor Cart' and decides to log in to his account to use the 'Member Cart', the entire contents of the 'Visitor Cart' will merge with the 'Member Cart' contents automatically.


Dentalstrategy do not sell any equipment or material, only illustrative 3D animations for download, DVD, as well as books. All animations on sale on Dentalstrategy were planed, designed and conducted by Frank Kaiser. The books for sale on Dentalstrategy correspond to the proper copyright. It is, therefore, a transaction directly with the author Frank Kaiser.


A 4 x 1 " watermark appear in the middle of the image at the beginning of each film for a few seconds, then in the lower right corner during the animation. The watermark is very discreet, and permits to offer 3D animations at low cost, while preserving their origin and encouraging the diffusion of the site.


Custom 3D animations can be created exclusively on request. For more information about personalized animation please enter the projects section. Not systematically but mostly, once the projects are delivered the animations are modified for a more general use and sold as a new products.


Prices and features of all the products listed on Dentalstrategy are correct, except typographical error. The prices and features of products and services of the site can be changed at any time without notice.


Every purchase on Dentalstrategy is regarded as an agreement to the present terms of use. The purchase of an animation does not make it exclusive and it remains on sale on the site for other users. After the payment, an order confirmation is automatically sent to the email address registered by the user. Any change in the order's status is communicated to the user via e-mail. Download links will only be released after payment confirmation. Every purchase is considered definitive, no money refund or exchange will be possible. Started at the payment confirmation day, the user is authorized to download 5 times the product purchased, within a period of 30 days. After the purchase effectively downloaded, the invoice in PDF format can be viewed / printed in the "My Account".

Payment Methods

Depending on your location, the following forms of payment are available: BARCODE from the Banco do Brasil, order available after payment confirmation. In case of payment by BARCODE, the document can be printed in the "My Account" section. BANK WIRE TRANSFER Credit Mutuel, order available after payment confirmation. PAYPAL, Online Payment, order available immediately. CREDIT CARD, online payment Visanet , order available immediately. DIRECT WITHDRAWAL from a Banco do Brasil account, order available immediately.

Order Status

PENDING, awaiting release by the payment system. PROCESSING, request being processed. SENT, the product has already been shipped. DOWNLOAD ENABLE, the user can immediately download the product. AWAITING PAYMENT, status of an order made by barcode. AWAITING WIRE TRANSFER, status of an application made by bank wire transfer. CANCELED, the order was canceled for any reason. Orders will be automatically canceled after 30 days if there is no sign of payment.

Shipping methods

PAC ENCOMENDA, delivery 10 working days after payment confirmation. SEDEX, delivery 3 working days after payment confirmation. SEDEX 10, delivery 1 working day after payment confirmation. SEDEX MUNDI, (International) delivery 20 working days after payment confirmation.


All animations on sale on Dentalstrategy were planed, designed and conducted by Frank Kaiser, and the copyrights remain to him. The use of animations purchased on Dentalstrategy are exclusively for private use. Even after purchasing, the copyright of the animations sold on Dentalstrategy remain the property of the author, it is expressly prohibited to sell, copy, duplicate, distribute or process them by any method.

Notifications and newsletters

At the moment of purchase, the user has the choice to receive notifications on all available products and promotional emails. Notification of product let you know more about the products of interest, to stay up to date. Including news, new products, special offers and other announcements. If you do not want Dentalstrategy to keep you updated about products and services, please access the "my account" section, and delete newsletters or change the notification list of product. You may also update your personal information and preferences.

Tell a friend

In the "tell a friend" box, you will be providing an e-mail from one person to send him information about a product. This information will only be used for the purpose in which it were collected. Dentalstrategy will not use such information to send promotions to that person.


If you have any question or concern about the Terms of Use of Dentalstrategy or about data processing, please contact us by email or by filling out the form. We will be answering all your questions within 30 days. Dentalstrategy may update its privacy policy and terms of use at any time. If we change the policy in a relevant manner, a notice will be posted on our website along with the updated privacy policy.

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